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Front Runners

The Front Runner Series are designed to be paired with one of our custom rear tire selections such as Pie Crusts or Cheater Slicks. This enables the car to have the same vintage look on the front tires as well as the rear. We are happy to now offer both 14" and 15" selections.

"The Classic 14 Front Runner (25" Tall)" and "The Classic 15 Front Runner (25" Tall)"

The 'Classic 14 Front Runner' and 'Classic 15 Front Runner' have overall dimensions of 25" diameter and a tread width of 5.5". The tread design of the tire offers excellent all season handling abilities. In addition to this it has all the characteristics of vintage style. With the crown design on the shoulder and the smoothed sidewall this is one great looking nostalgic era tire that is sure to set off your vintage car!

"The Classic 15 Front Runner (27" Tall)"

This Classic 15 Front Runner has overall dimensions of 27" diameter and a tread width of 5.75". It is easy to see why this is our most requested Front Runner. The intricate shoulder design matched with a tread design right out of the wonder years makes this tire a perfect match for your classic car. Whether you prefer a smoothed black sidewall (which is included at no charge) or our optional wide whitewall this tire is sure to be an attention grabber!

"The Modern 15 Front Runner (25" Tall)"

The Modern 15" Front Runner is a new 165/80/15 tire with a ribbed highway tread design. We remove the sidewall lettering which leaves a smooth black sidewall. This provides the same vintage appearance that is found with our Cheater Slicks and completes the nostalgic look. This option is perfect for those who want the narrow Front Runner look and will also work well with narrow rim widths. Available only in black sidewalls.

Front Runner Pricing

Classic 14 Front Runner 25" Tall (BW)   $105.00
Classic 14 Front Runner 25" Tall (WW)
Classic 15 Front Runner 25" Tall (BW)  $105.00
Classic 15 Front Runner 25" Tall (WW)  $145.00
Classic 15 Front Runner 27" Tall (BW)  $125.00
Classic 15 Front Runner 27" Tall (WW)  $165.00
Modern 15 Front Runner (BW)  $105.00

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Towel City Tire serves the vintage tire needs of car enthusiasts in Kannapolis, NC, Salisbury, NC, Charlotte, NC, and locations across the United States and Canada. Call (704) 933-2143 or contact us online for more information on Front Runner Tires.

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