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Pie Crust Cheater Slicks

The Pie Crust Cheater Slick got its name from the unique design around the outside edge of the sidewall. The oval depressions mimic that of the crust of a pie. Just like the thought of a fresh pie can bring back memories of days gone by, the image of this tire takes you back to the roaring Rod cars of the 1950's and 60's.

This mold was originally used at Towel City for retreading Racing Tires from the late 1950's through around 1970 when newer tread designs became favored by drivers. Today we have this mold back in production to offer classic car enthusiasts a true vintage tire design. A set of Pie Crusts is sure to set off your car and grab attention.

You will not find the same detailed Pie Crust design anywhere else but here since it is our own Original Design. Over the years many of our customers have commented how these tires took their classic car or hot rod from being just another car at the shows to becoming the center of attention. Don't wait, contact us to order your set today.

Pie Crust Cheater Slick Pricing

(Includes Smoothed Sidewall and either 2 or 4 Cheater Grooves in Tread)

Tread Width Diameter Rim Size Price
8" 28.5" 15" $180.00
8" 28.5" 15" $220.00*
9" 28.5" 15" $195.00
9" 28.5" 15" $235.00*
10" 28.5" 15" $290.00*
10" 29.5" 15" $235.00
10" 29.5" 15" $300.00*
8" 28.5" 16" $250.00*
10" 29.5" 16" $245.00
10" 29.5" 16" $315.00*

* Built on NEW radial casing / Black Wall only

Contact Us for Shipping Costs

Vulcanized Whitewall (15" Rim) - Add $50.00 per tire

Custom Grooving (9, & 10 in.Tires) - Add $40.00 per tire
**Four Straight grooves with shoulders notched and contact patch in the center. As pictured in the photo at the bottom of page.**

Shoulder Grooves (8 inch Tire) - Add $20.00 per tire
**Two Straight grooves with shoulders notched and contact patch in the center.**

Full Groove (8, 9, & 10 in. Tire) - Add $50.00 per tire
**Straight grooves and cross grooves similar to older dirt pattern. Number of straight grooves will depend on tread width.**

Photos of Grooving Options

10" Pie Crust Cheater Slick with Custom Grooving and Vulcanized White Wall.

8" Pie Crust Cheater Slicks with Shoulder Grooves and Vulcanized White Wall

10" Pie Crust Cheater Slicks with Full Groove Tread Design

Contact Towel City Tire for info on Pie Crust Cheater Slicks Contact Us for More Info on Pie Crust Cheater Slicks

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