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Racing Tires

Towel City Tire specializes in delivering high quality, remanufactured Racing Tires to tracks across the United States and Canada. The reason drivers want to race on our tires is simple. We were in the business of Retreading tires when racing was born. Early stock car drivers relied upon us to carry them to victory on the weekends. Since those days, many aspects of racing have changed but the one thing that has remained constant is our determination to deliver the best tires we possibly can.

In many cases, our tire will outperform brand new 'sticker' tires. This is because our tires are made with our proprietary rubber compounds. Over the years we sat down with our rubber producers and came up with specific rubber compounds for virtually every racing scenario. With this advantage as well as combining the proper tread compound and built in camber, drivers on our tires are ahead of the competition.

For information on specific tires, please select either Dirt Racing or Asphalt Racing to see our available tires for each. There you can also see which tread patterns and rubber compounds are available. Below is a chart listing our various Rubber Compounds and some brief information about each.

Racing Tires in Kannapolis, NC

Racing Tires in Salisbury, NC

Towel City Retreading Proprietary Racing Compounds

Emblem Color & Orientation Compound Name  Track Surface Description
89A Medium Hard  Asphalt Our Proven long wearing Asphalt compound.  Offers a constant hardness for exceptional repeatability on the track.
 77A Medium Soft  Asphalt This compound is suited best for non abrasive Asphalt tracks.  It has a durometer reading of 54 hardness. 
89 Hard Dirt Very durable and long wearing for hard abrasive tracks. 
77 Medium Dirt Maximum traction on slightly abrasive tracks.  Works very well as track starts wet and irons out at end of feature. 
Super Soft
Dirt Designed for very non abrasive tracks.  Has a durometer hardness of 42.
Extra Super Soft
Ice / Dirt
Our softest compound which is designed for use on both Ice and wet very tacky tracks. 

*** The Emblem Orientation refers to how the emblem is placed on the tire. A vertical emblem is positioned Perpendicular to the tread. A horizontal emblem is positioned Parallel to the tread.

Racing Tires in Charlotte, NC

The tire above has a vertical emblem (77A) which is positioned vertically or perpendicular to the tread.

Racing Tires in Kannapolis, NC

The tire above has a horizontal emblem (89A) which is positioned horizontally or parallel to the tread.

TOWEL CITY RACING TIRES NO WARRANTY POLICY Towel City Tire Racing Tires offers its racing tires for "RACING PURPOSES ONLY". Due to the conditions under which they operate, Towel City Tire Racing Tires makes NO WARRANTY, GUARANTEE, and/or LIABILITY expressed or implied on its products. Towel City Racing Tires are sold "AS IS". Towel City Tire Racing Tires are not tested or labeled to meet FMVSS 109 or ECE36 safety standards.

For more information on Racing Tires, call (704) 933-2143 or contact us online. We serve Kannapolis, NC, Salisbury, NC, Charlotte, NC, and locations across the United States and Canada. UPS ships daily.

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